Back to school

Summer is coming to an end, the sunny days are fading, the mornings are getting cooler... it's already time to go back to school. To enjoy the last rays of sunshine, cover up with our mid-season pieces. Capes, ponchos, light our selection for a gentle start to the new year!

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Pipolaki French Brand Since 1962

Pipolaki History

French brand since 1962

The Pipolaki brand was created in 1962 in the Pyrenees by André and Jean Olibet. It is the fruit of a 200 year tradition in in making berets. By passion of sport, they begin to make some hats for Annie Famose, the Paloise of the French ski team, and decide to call them "Pipolaki". The first models, knitted with beret wool, were renowned for their unequalled comfort and hold.

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