Looking for a beanie? At Pipolaki's, you'll find the hat you need. Fashionable, urban, timeless or for skiing, mountain, we offer a large choice of hats for the whole family. Since 1962, our collections of hats have been designed in France and conceived to bring you the best comfort and quality.

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Inspired by fashion, by our history and values, Pipolaki collection is made of 4 ranges. The first is the Premium collection, 100% made in France and Italy, composed of Original Wool, Cashmere, Alpaca, Angora hats and designed in close collaboration with our local suppliers. It is a chic, timeless collection that combines elegance and comfort and promotes local know-how. All the cups of the Premium collection are stamped Made in France and Made in Italy on our website. The second one is the Lifestyle collection, 100% trendy and inspired by the codes of fashion to offer you very current hats to wear every day and to vary according to your style. The third is the Vintage collection which revisits the emblematic models of the brand since 1962. You will find blue, white, red and also Bobble Hats with a strong mountain spirit. The last one is the Pipolakids collection, designed for children from 0 to 10 years old. Fancy and fun beanies that adapt to all activities. Your children will be effectively protected from cold and draughts. For babies and toddlers, we have added folding earmuffs and a full fleece lining on all Baby beanies.