Scarves, ponchos, capes, gloves, handbags and pouches, you will find in the Pipolaki collection a whole range of accessories for men, women and children to wear according to your styles.

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The accessory is the essential touch to finalize your outfit! Trendy, stylish or even cooconing, the Pipolaki collection offers you a large choice of models starting with the poncho and the cape. Essential from mid-season, the poncho and the cape can be slipped in no time on your shoulders for a very trendy look.

You don't like to wear beanies? Our range of headbands will suit you perfectly. Very feminine, perfect to bring style, they will keep you warm and protect you from the cool autumn wind. To wrap around your neck or to wear on your shoulders in oversize mode, Pipolaki scarves will bring you softness and comfort with always a touch of elegance. The Pipolaki gloves range will perfectly match the scarf. Designed from soft and warm materials such as cashmere, wool or silk, the Pipolaki gloves will protect your hands efficiently from the cold. To end with a chic and stylish outfit, you will love the Pipolaki felt pouch and tote bag. Feminine, functional, the tote bag will be your partner for your daily activities; the clutch bag and its customizable flap will be perfect for parties and cocktails.

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