Sailor’s Beanie

Sailor’s beanie or also named Docker’s beanie is the key accessory to wear this season.

Who has never wanted to wear one? For men or women, his neutral and casual style make him easy to wear and match with any daily outfit

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It’s a 3-in-1 model! For a classic look, wear the Sailor’s beanie right on the head. For a trendy style, we will wear it loose or downright hipster style, on the top of the skull. Its small adjustable lapel gives it a slight touch of originality that ensure you a true fashion credibility.

In a twist, its adjustable lapel allows you to assert a silhouette and enhance your outfit.

Most Pipolaki Sailor’s beanies are also lined with an integral fleece or headband. Whether they are in Merino Wool, Alpaca or Cashmere, there's no doubt: you'll be cool with the Pipolaki sailor’s beanie.