Enjoy a large range of hats, scarves and snoods for men to wear every day to keep both looking stylish and feeling warm !

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Hats and accessories for all styles

Casual, lifestyle or classic? Our collections are designed for all men and all styles. That's why you will find a wide choice of shapes such as the pompom hat, the short hat, the sailor's hat, the docker's hat to match your winter wardrobe. As far as colours are concerned, you are spoilt for choice; between the discreet charm of dark tones and the warmth of more sustained tones such as red, burgundy, orange, you are sure to find the accessory you need.

Wool, Alpaca, Merino, Cashmere, Fleece...warm and comfortable fabrics

It is essential to feel good when wearing a hat, scarf or snood and not to feel any sensation of cold or scratching. This is why our hats and accessories are made from natural materials such as Wool, Alpaca and Merino Wool. Insulating and breathable, these natural fibres form an effective bulwark against cold, wind and humidity. Because a hat must always be comfortable to wear, most of our models are lined with fleece. 

Hats for all head sizes

Our hats come in one size and fit all head sizes. Their mesh is stretchy and adapts to the shape of the face. Depending on the shape of the hat chosen, they cover the ears to protect them from cold and tingling sensations. For those whose head circumference is XXL, some models are more suitable such as the Mesa men's hat, the Fruitcake hat etc.

Do you have a doubt or question about a model? Please contact us! We are at your disposal to guide you and give you the best recommendations.

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