French Brand of hats and accessories

Our History

A French brand since 1962

The Pipolaki brand was created in 1962 in the Pyrenees by André and Jean Olibet. It is the fruit of a 200 year tradition in  berets Making.  Through their passion for sports, they begun making hats for Annie Famose, the Paloise of the French ski team, and decide to call them "Pipolaki". The first models, knitted with beret wool, were renowned for their unequalled comfort and hold.

Our Success-story

The story was launched at the Innsbruck Olympic Games in 1964 when Marielle Goitschel won the slalom gold medal and made the Paris Match headlines with her gold medal and her Pipolaki hat. Jean-Claude Killy, France’s alpine ski teams, cross-country skiing, biathlon ...  have all contributed to the success of the tricolor brand.

Today, the Pipolaki hat is not only for skiing, it has become a real fashion accessory in France and internationally.

HATS And much more...

Pipolaki designs and manufactures hats, ponchos, scarfs, gloves and caps. In addition to the original wool, high quality materials (100% Made in Italy) such as cashmere, alpaca and angora are used. Moreover, all our hats have a fleece lining to guarantee an incomparable level of comfort. The materials used in all products are compact to allow optimal protection against the cold. 

OUR Know-how

Pipolaki creates accessories for men, women, children as well as technical products. Our hats and accessories are made with real attention to detail : hand-made finishing, invisible inside seams, sewed turn-up... 

Our models are exclusive and we renew 80% of the collection every year. We pay special attention to the selection of our materials and the style of our products. The brand is on the lookout for the latest trends without sacrificing the style of the emblematic hats that have contributed to our strong reputation. Whether you have a chic, casual, sportswear or vintage style, you'll find the product to complement your needs ! 

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