French Brand of Hats and Accessories

OUR Story

The Pipolaki brand was created in 1962 in the small city of Nay, in the Pyrenees (France). This is where André and Jean Olibet, two local beret manufacturers, started designing some hats. Both passionate about skiing and mountains, they created their first products for Annie Famose, a regional member of the French Alpine Ski Team and decided to call the hats "Pipolaki".

The first hats are knitted with local wool from the Pyrenees, which is renowned for its comfort and fit.

OUR Success-story

The story unfolded at the Innsbruck Olympic Games in 1964 when Marielle Goitschel won the slalom gold medal and made the Paris Match magazine headlines with a gold medal around her neck and her Pipolaki hat on her head. Jean-Claude Killy (a former French World Cup alpine ski racer), France’s alpine ski team members, cross-country skiiers and biathlon athletes ... have all contributed to the success of our tricolor brand.

Known for their style and their incomparable quality, Pipolaki hats are quickly becoming a fashion statement and an essential accessory, in both city and mountain landscapes.

OUR Know-how

A know-how that has been honed for more than 50 years...Pipolaki hats and accessories are designed with close attention to detail, that starts from the selection of materials and continues throughout the manufacturing process. We select yarns among the greatest Italian spinners and design most of our models from Wool, Cashmere, Alpaca and Angora.

We collaborate with French and European suppliers to preserve local know-how and the environment.

OUR Collections

The richness of Pipolaki is lies in our assortment of styles: Premium, Lifestyle and Vintage.

The Premium collection symbolizes French elegance: a chic and pure style punctuated with a touch of audacity. Manufactured in France and Italy, our models are made from natural materials: Virgin Wool, Cashmere, Angora...selected among great spinners. Lifestyle reflects a more urban aesthetic and offers a range of products with a contemporary style, casual and easy-to-wear. Vintage is Pipolaki's heritage: the brand's emblematic ski hats revisited since its creation in 1962 with a hint of 70's vibes.

OUR Style

Pipolaki offers collections of hats, ponchos, scarves, gloves...combining style and know-how to create modern products.

Conveived and designed in France, our collections include hats and accessories for Women, Men and Kids; all stylish and easy to wear. Inspired by the latest fashion trends, our collections are unique and evolve with the seasons: 80% of our models are renewed each year.