3 Fall fashion trends you should wear

While the sweetness of summer lasts more than ever and temperature does not seem to drop, thinking of your fall wardrobe seems still faraway. Watch out ! One day is enough for fall to set up and make you lost in front of your closet. Well, don't panic : we recommend 3 fall fashion trends you cannot give up!

« Dogtooth» pattern

The Dogtooth pattern is making a trimphal return in our closet. Altough his style is classic, vintage, one thing is clear: don’t miss it this fall.

From coat to skirt, from black to green, Dogtooth pattern comes in all shapes and colors. Very quickly, this pattern creates a flattering and elegant silhouette.

What Pipolaki beanie to wear with? 

To be fashion, Atrani beanie is the one!  This Women’s woolen hat with a dogstooth pants and solid colour lapel will embellish with elegance most of your outfits!

Looking for a casual beanie to wear your Dogtooth style? Tivoli beanie will be perfect. Its fine ribbed knit gives it a very elegant style.

Every shade of Brown colors

Say goodbye to the traditional black color: Brown is the dominant shade of the fall 2019 season. Either on the catwalk or in the street, this very retro color makes its comeback smashing. From chocolate to coffee to soft brown, easy to wear, it has the gift of matching easily with all our autumn outfits.


What Pipolaki beanie to wear in brown color shade?

For a trendy look, Alessio beanie is perfect! This colorblock hat without bobble will give the signature of your outfit.

The cape

Neither too hot nor too light, cape is the trend this fall.
Ideal compromise between the coat and the jacket of mid-season, one likes to be wrapped up in its soft and comforting materials.Poncho cape suits all silhouettes by providing a style and an assured look.
For Pipolaki, the cape is not just a trend: it’s a passion, a signature. For many years, we have been designing woolen capes and ponchos that bring softness and elegance.

What Pipolaki cape to wear this fall?

It all depends on your desire. For a functional cape, easy to wear, the Cavazza cape will be perfect!   Composed of wool, it is easily put on a sweater, a vest. With its reversible side, you can wear it to the sandstone of your desires and your outfits.

For an elegant cape, chic to wear for evenings or special occasions, the Clementina cape is our favorite. Made in Italy, it envelops the silhouette of softness and femininity.