64 x Pipolaki

It has become a news not to be missed! Following the success of the first two collections presented in December 2015, Pipolaki and the brand 64 renew their collaboration this year. For the 2017-2018 autumn/winter season, the collection consists essentially of vintage design : for adults and children. They have been chosen according to the winter trend on the accessory !

The common desire to collaborate around a trendy accessory by combining the style of the brand 64 and the know-how of Pipolaki was an obvious choice. The Pipolaki by 64 hats are trendy and perfect for a warm winter.

Back on the history of the brand with an interview of Louis Lacube, Deputy Director of the brand 64

When was 64 brand founded ?

This adventure started in 1997. The brand is a collaboration between two men : Denis Wargnier who has stemmed from textile world and Olivier Mauroux who has worked for advertising displays industry.

64 is the Pyrénées-Atlantiques departmental number and embodying a lifestyle, a culture which both founders wished to incorporate on T-shirts. At the beginning this idea was only for friends and family who share this same attachment : south-west of France way of life. As it was a great success and they’ve decided to present the 64 T-shirt in stores and the first shop has opened in Biarritz.

The founder still working in company ?  

Yes, of course ! Our CEO is present every day and he working in this family business with his wife and daughter.

What is your emblematic product ?

The T-shirt ! This is what has made the brand successful.

Who design the product ?

It’s our design department which includes 5 persons : 1 product manager, 3 graphic designers and 1 fashion designer. They prepare the collections in accordance with fashion mood.

Why did you renewed the collaboration with Pipolaki ?

Because Pipolaki shares the same values as 64 : it’s a local brand that designs good quality products.



Find the “64 by Pipolaki” hats in all 64 shops and the website www.64.eu

Photo credits : Cécilia Thibier