Antenne Handicap Association

An organization that wants to reconcile handicap and ski


In 1995, Marc Gostoli created the association in the Plagne station (Savoie). The idea ? Provide access to skiing for disabled people (physical, mental and sensory). Recommended by orthopedic and key stakeholders, it’s Marc Gostoli itself who develops equipment that allows to make enjoy the skiing,  mountain biking and paragliding to all.


Today, Marc Gostoli has trained other French ski school instructors and his experience is exported to several French ski station as well as in Switzerland, Italy and Japan. Thanks to him, between 800 and 1,200 people with disabilities can back to the slopes every year for a ski lesson price.


Antenne Handicap association is also present in the station of La Toussuire (73) Peyragude (65), Verbier (Switzerland), Courmayeur (Italy).

An example of an invention developed by Marc Gostoli : the “Go to Ski.” This device is a learning tool designed to find or recover as quickly as possible an independence on the skis for people with disabilities. It was soon recognized as a therapeutic sport.


It allows as well the reproduction of the eight movements of high-level skier. The “Go to skiing” has become progressively a development tool for all skiers. Some ski schools in France and abroad (including Courmayeur school) have already adopted the “go to ski” as a teaching tool

Today, Antenne Handicap is the only organization in Europe that allows skiing for all diseases without exception !



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