Capes, ponchos, vests, headbands…Find the perfect accessory for spring!

If the firs sunny days makes the thermometer go up, this is not the time to give up your jacket and winter coat. However, they quickly become embarrassing as soon as the mild afternoon weather reveals itself: too warm, too heavy to wear, too bulky... So for a little lightness without freezing in the morning, capes, ponchos, sleeveless jackets, headbands become the masterpieces of spring; we invite you to discover them in this seasonal selection.

Faux fur sleeveless jackets Lomma and Melia

Two pieces ultra trendy and very comfortable to wear. This is the ideal option for those who don’t want to be bothered with a coat. The Lomma vest and the Melia vest, both in fake fur, can be combined with all styles: seventies associated with a long skirt and a pair of boots, ultra-fashionable with a dress and a pair of sneakers or sober with raw jeans and a pair of moccasins. The possibilities are limitless….

Elini poncho and Gabrielle cape

Poncho Elini et la cape Gabrielle Pipolaki

It is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between these two mid-season accessories. Even if they have the same utility, they differ by their shape. Elini poncho consists of a piece and an opening through the collar to put on the head while the Gabrielle cape rests on the shoulders and generally closes in front. The first offers a soft and casual style, the second enhances the silhouette and is chic and sophisticated. There’s one thing they all agree on, though: they all make a great spring jacket when the weather’s nice.

Livia and Tignes headbands

Bandeaux pour femme modèle livia et tignes pipolaki

Another alternative to offer you: the Livia headband and the Tignes headband. Two bestsellers from the 2020-2021 collection! They can be worn on all heads in the city as well as in the mountains and appeal to all those who like to keep their ears warm. Two warm and trendy accessories you will fall in love with!