Cashmere to soften your winter

Formerly reserved for an elite because it was considered like a luxury product, now it’s present on the catwalks and in stores. Elegant, soft, warm, light, cashmere has only advantages, so it’s a great gift idea.

Wonderfully soft, its mesh provides an outstanding insulation against the cold. With its soft and pastel colors, this fabric awakens our dressing room … Before you share our cashmere selection, nothing beats a small summary of the history of this noble material :


The cashmere is a wool that comes from the fleece of a small goat called Capra Hisca. 90 % of the world production comes from Chinese Mongolia and from Mongolia, on both sides of the Gobi Desert. The remaining 10 % comes mainly from the region of the Kashmir on the Indian subcontinent and from Afghanistan.
The cashmere of products Pipolaki comes from Mongolia

Why do we call this fiber “cashmere” whereas most all goats are not living in this indian province ?

Because it’s where all begins. The Kashmir region in India which borrowed the silk road has been the first place that has developed the weaving of this invaluable wool. The name of the region became the generic name of the material.

Come on, let’s get down to business ! Discover our cashmere selection for woment and men :

Women selection

Men selection

How to wash my cashmere hat or scarf ?

Don’t hesitate to wash products in cashmere regularly, like after 2 or 3 uses. The cashmere likes the water and needs it to keep its sweetness and its flexibility, but also to delay the appearance of pill.

You may also wash it in machine, under cold conditions, with a wool program, and with a maximum drying of 500 turns. You shall add a little of washing powder (special delicate textiles) and without fabric softener. When the program is finished, just let your hat or scarf dry naturally.

So, you understand, this winter, cashmere is THE material that will dress your outfits. Even if you have decided to wear something very simple, your style will be enhanced by this noble fabric, and we love it…