Focus on Wool, the flagship material of our collections

Wool is a natural fibre that has been used for thousands of years; from antiquity, its astonishing properties have still not been matched by synthetic fibres. Loved for its quality, warmth and great resistance, wool is famous for his properties; it maintains the body to a constant temperature and helps the skin to breathe and evacuate perspiration.

Wool and its manufacturing secrets

The wool is first sheared, then sorted by batch according to quality and washed. The wool then has to be disentangled, this process is called carding; the wool passes through a carding machine (drums lined with very fine steel spikes rotating at high speed, dividing and parallelizing the wool fibres and retaining any plant impurities that may have remained). Finally, the fibres are transformed into yarn; the spinning process. The wool is then treated and dyed to obtain its final colour.

Wool is very often mixed with other synthetic or natural fibres to make it softer or softer.

At Pipolaki, our hats are made from the finest materials.

Merino Wool

It comes from a breed of sheep coming mainly from Australia which offers a very insulating, comfortable, resistant and temperature-regulating wool.
The fineness of merino wool makes it more pleasant on the skin than classic wool.


Care Instructions

Maintenance Tip

Hand wash

Use little detergent and no fabric softener.


Model: Pipolaki Avola Merino wool Hat

Virgin Wool

Virgin wool is a very pure wool, from the first shearing of the sheep, and of a very high quality. It is certainly the purest wool that exists and the most refined. Naturally breathable and insulating, it provides effective protection against the cold.


Care Instructions

Hand wash
Use a mild detergent “special wool”



Model: Pipolaki Belagio Virgin Wool Hat


Cashmere is a wool from the fleece of a small goat called Capra Hisca and takes its name from the cashmere region in India. Unbeatably soft, its knit provides unparalleled insulation against the cold.

Care instructions
Wash Low Temperature
Do not twist the fibre to wring it out.


Model: Pipolaki Trapani Kashmere wool beanie

The Alpaca

Alpaca wool comes from the Alpaca, a small mammal found in the Andes that can be found more precisely in Peru, Chile and Bolivia.

A natural fibre of great quality, it is soft, light and known for its strong insulating power.


Care instructions

Wash Low Temperature

Low spin (max 400 rpm)


Model: Pipolaki Elini Alpaca wool poncho

If you are looking for a Wool hat or Wool Accessory, you will find in our collections a large choice of hats, ponchos, snoods made from merino wool, alpaca, cashmere…

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