Give a second life to your hats!

Promote the circular economy

“Recup and Toc … De l’Art” association was created in September 2016 with the desire to raise awareness people about “art-recovery”, environmental protection and waste reduction. The idea is to develop the circular economy, which is part of sustainable development, the purpose of which is to produce goods and services while limiting consumption and waste of raw materials, water and energy. In order to achieve this, the association shall seek to establish contacts with companies in the Aquitaine region to encourage them to set aside their works using materials.

  • Collection


Once a month, the association organizes a harvest round with companies or craftsmen (leather, fabrics, cardboard, foam, cork…). Then, all the harvested material is stored and sorted in a warehouse which it accommodate for the public.


  • Workshops and animations


Within the warehouse, you will find volunteers who animate workshops “cardboard furniture”, gardening, “transformation of old furniture” … etc. In Bayonne (in Besteak premises) you will find “Les 6 trouill’art”, workshops with the objective of make by the participants everyday washable objects like disks to remove make-up, fabrics covers… etc.


  • Why join the association?


This type of structure allows to create links between volunteers and members, to give meaning to the available time of the single or unemployed person for example. But also to share its know-how, its knowledge, its ideas… A meeting place where we spend good time and where some people can find support. A dynamic place where everyone lets her creativity flow thanks to the various animations.


  • Second-hand store

Freely available to any member and wishes to sell their creations, it allows to enhance the know-how of the members and can allow an additional pay.

Pipolaki donated defective hats and accessories to the association. With the hat fleece, they created reusable make-up remover, a storage tray with bobbles, a baby blanket with fabrics…

For more information on the association: it’s here