Let’s go for the Pipolaki sales

D-1 before the sales and we thought that a preview of our selection could only make you happy! Discover now a small shopping list at low prices !

The poncho is without a doubt one of the key fashion accessories of the autumn / winter seasons. Useful, it relates to warmth to accompany you in all your outings, always to suit your mood. The Elya poncho is made in Italy, with wool and alpaca that gives you warmth and comfort. Knitted in large mesh with a large collar, it is one of the best of the Pipolaki collection.

We adopt it for its perfect cut that flatters our complexion and because it boosts our winter looks! The Deer hat is the must because it’s knitted with large mesh, with a fur bobble and embellished with a rhinestone pattern … All 17/18 winter trends are together! Why do without?

An original hat, both its knitting and its falling shape, both stylish and trend. Warm and very comfortable thanks to its composition in Alpaca and Virgin Wool, this true fashion accessory is worn casually to accompany you throughout the winter. A very flexible hat for all your looks.

The graphic spirit seizes us more than ever and it is not without reason that the biggest names in fashion devote him a worship. Impossible to miss this inevitable trend that doesn’t leave us throughtout the year … The graphic patterns give a boost and modernity to your outfit …

This winter that should shine (rather than becoming a garland …). The glitter trend is back and mainly on accessories! Sequins and pearls bring an original touch to your look, the rock detail to your casual or chic outfit … So if you don’t have an accessory with sequins in your closet, it’s time to get one.

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