The accessories of your spring

Today, we change season to give way to spring... The opportunity to give a little renewal to your dressing room. This year, we play on materials and colors without hesitation ! From light pink to stripes to the big stitch to face the cool morning, we have selected the 6 essential accessories of your 2018's Spring look !

Sometimes only one piece is needed to change your look and the large stitch poncho instantly relooks any wardrobe base… And even with your leather jacket and your jeans from last year, you Will be trendy !

It brings a touch of freshness and softness to our looks and can be tamed by small touches (to offer a good dose of vitamins to jeans or a sober outfit) or in total look (with pieces of different shades). The trend of this season is the bright pink in pastel shades or old pink…

The come back of the stripes, as seen on the Armani show. So we don’t hesitate to put on the head for the original touch and stop doing like everyone else. To have a nice combo, a vintage hat with some thin stripes. To marry with different styles of prints for the most daring, otherwise one will choose to wear them more soberly as previously written.

Seen on almost every designer show, the white color blends with all the outfits and will necessarily be in your dressing room ! What’s better than a headband of this color to be trendy ? It will complement your look and will keep you warm with style !

After several years of absence, the come back of the full denim and to be trendy we play on the shades and the materials. For that, get an indigo blue accessory like this model for the final touch. Indeed, we have seen this trend over on all fashion shows and the models paraded in totally jeans looks. To be more minimalist, we adopt it by small touches.

You’ve noticed, the sportwear trend is  is growing continually… A synergy between sport and fashion and a mix & match of blue, white, black and red for an Olympic look with vintage accents. But, it’s not always easy to wear it as well as on the catwalks. So we found you the unavoidable fashion ACCESSORY that must be worn without moderation!

What would an outfit be without its accessories?