The birth of Pipolaki’s hats collection

The birth of a collection is an important moment for all brands. It is the culmination of several months of work, reflection and creation. From the first inspirations to the manufacture of the models, we go back over the steps that lead your hat from our offices to your wardrobe. This way...


To be inspired, to imagine, to invent… the starting point of a hats collection is our inspiration. Ideas come from our travels, our encounters, our history, our everyday life. Some inspirations also come from small, insignificant details: the print of a scarf, the lapel of a jumper, the knitting of a woollen fabric that makes us want to offer them in a beanie version.

To structure our approach and offer innovative hats, we work in collaboration with our stylists, taking into account the latest trends in terms of style, colours, materials and prints. These elements help us to evolve our inspirations and to turn our ideas into reality.

The other key element to take into account is your desires, your expectations and also your comments and feedback on our previous collections. This is the time to analyse our sales, to take stock of what you liked or disliked.

Throughout this creative period, we collect, pinpoint and organise our ideas on a moodboard. This tool will synthesize the theme, the atmosphere, the universe of our next collection.

Fashion mapping

At this stage, the hats collection begins to take shape in our minds. It’s time to select the threads and materials to make the next models. We look for natural materials such as Wool, Cashmere and Alpaca from the most important Italian spinners. Italy is the country of predilection for the realization of our collections: for centuries, its know-how in spinning has been perpetuated and transmitted from generation to generation.

Depending on the technical constraints of the model, we are sourcing specific know-how, particularly in terms of knitting and weaving. We turn to new suppliers, submit our project to them and evaluate its feasibility. This is an important moment of talks, sharing of experiences essential to give birth to our collection.

Once the materials and suppliers have been defined, the collection plan is established: it includes all the hats of the future collection, the materials, the colours and the suppliers.


This third stage is the birth of the first pieces of the collection. Our factories, based on the drawings and technical documents, produce the first versions of our hats.
These samples or prototypes are of the most important and are essential before validating production. Each sample is methodically studied: fitting, measuring, rendering, touching…we make sure that it corresponds to our request and that it meets all the requirements of our brand in terms of style, quality and know-how.
Several weeks go by before all prototypes are validated. Some parts will require more modifications and therefore the production of new samples.
Once all the samples have been validated, the collection will be ready for production in our various factories.

On average 6 months elapse between the inspiration and the birth of a collection. It will still take a few more months before the collection is available online or presented in our partner shops.

This is why all our collections are designed more than a year in advance and why we are already working on the autumn-winter 2021-2022 collection. We are already looking forward to showing you our creations and seeing you wearing them. This is our most beautiful reward.