The whisperings of mom #1

Being a mother is a daily learning that builds through our experiences with our children. We are guided by the heart, intuition and overwhelmed by the "recommendations" of many experts in parenting and psychology... "Don’t do this, do it..." We are advised by everyone and especially by anyone! What if a "good" mother was simply a loving and imperfect mother? Discover our first interview of a beautiful mom of the pretty little Victory...

  • Hello Julie, can you introduce in a few words?

My name is Julie, I am the mother of a 29-month-old girl called Victoire, an active mom who works in loan brokerage. We live a few steps from Bordeaux in the vineyards.

Victoire and myself were born in Pau, Oh the Pyrenees what a beautiful department 🙂


  • What does the term “maternal instinct” mean to you?

The maternal instinct is a special bond that we develop with our child the day we get to know, this famous day where everything is turned upside down in our lives, where love is multiplied for this tiny person. When one becomes a mother, it is sometimes not easy to find your footing, a lot of questions are being asked to do what is best for our child. But really, you have to listen to your heart and do as you feel and I think for me that’s the definition of maternal instinct and I think that’s the definition of maternal instinct.


  • In single word, what defines “to become a mother” according to you?

Becoming a mother in one single word is very complicated but I will say “love” loudly and clearly, this bond which ties us is so strong, we feel ready to face storms for his child.


  • You are a working mom: what is your organization then with Victoire?

Weekdays, the organization is a little timed, we anticipate from Sunday preparing all the stuff of the week in small pockets (this allows to be cool in the morning 😉).

Generally, I get up first by getting ready quickly and then prepare Victoire after the bottle to go to the nursery. Little tip, I do her hair during the bottle, I’m sure she will not move too much because the bibi is sacred 😂. When we get home, we play, she tells us about her day, a bath, a good meal all three, one or two story and sleep!

The weekend is another rhythm, we make a big breakfast and after we play and we play, in short we enjoy!


  • What kind of mom are you?

I will say a pretty cool mom, we play a lot, we try to do a lot of outing, games, we do scooters, we often go to the park, we like to make him discover a lot of things. We read a lot of books at Victoire too, she loves it!


  • What is the most uncompromising thing for Victoire?

We want to instil in Victory respect for others, sharing is essential for us.


  • What are your trips / weekends essential?

My essentials, I will say the comforter of Victory, we never leave without it is his landmark and my laptop to immortalize all the good moments 😁


  • What is your watchword for your personal, family and Victoire?

The watchword at home is “Enjoy” every moment and especially when we are with family.


  • What is your last word?

Being a mom is not easy every day but it’s just happiness!