Merino, the wool that we love

In recent years, Merino wool has become the true star of winter. And this is no coincidence: soft, insulating, easy to wear, it has many virtues that make it an essential natural material to face cool temperatures. Also very present in our hat collections, we explain why we love it.

The origin of merino

Merino is a natural fibre derived from the wool of the merino sheep. Surprisingly enough, merino wool does not originate from Australia or New Zealand but from the Mediterranean basin. Introduced to Spain by the Moors in the 12th century, it was gradually imported by Australia, America and several other countries.

The first sheep to arrive in Australia acclimatise wonderfully and mix with the local breeds of sheep. These different crossbreeds will give birth to the Merino wool that we know today. Today, 70% of the merino wool comes from Australia.

The priceless properties of merino

Merino wool has several properties that make it very popular for our hats. It is a fine natural fibre, very soft to the touch and resistant. Its fineness is one of its key assets because the finer the wool, the less it gives the sensation of scratching or tingling.
Another special feature: it is a fibre that effectively regulates body temperature and wicks moisture away. It keeps you warm in winter without making you sweat.

Our selection of Merino Wool hats

In our collections, we like to combine it with other natural fibres such as Cashmere. The blend of Merino wool with the ultra-soft fibre of Cashmere offers a hat that is soft to the touch, pleasant to wear, winter-proof and durable.

Wool and Cashmere hats for women: 




Wool and Cashmere hats for men: 




Caring for merino wool

Merino wool is a very strong natural fibre which ensures a higher durability of the cups. To take full advantage of this quality and keep your hat as good as new, follow our care tips:

  • Prefer a hand wash between 15° and 20°
  • Pour some special wool detergent
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Knead the fibres lightly without rubbing
  • Rinse with clear water until the detergent is gone
  • Wring out the wool without twisting it
  • Lay your hat flat on the hanger


Once the cold is gone, you can put your hat in a small pocket and find it like new next winter.