Where to wear a beanie in the summer?

Summer often means holidays in the sun, sunbathing on the beach, walks by the sea… However, many of us choose greener tourism, a destination where temperatures are moderate, an immersion in nature etc. For all those who will make this choice this summer, it is likely that wearing a hat will sometimes be necessary or even indispensable. Depending on your destination, we have made a small selection of hats to wear even in summer!

On vacation in the mountains

For your summer holidays, you have chosen the mountains, its breathtaking landscapes, its walks and hikes in the middle of nature. Even if the climate remains very mild and clement, you can expect to loose a few degrees. Indeed, the temperature drops on average by about 1° every 100 meters: so the closer you get to the summits, the more you will have to protect yourself and wear a hat. For this, we have the ideal companion for you: the Dulce beanie. Made of 30% wool, it will warm you up very quickly without taking up too much room.

A sporting vacation at the top of the summits
Skiing on glaciers, running in the high mountains, hiking, putting a bivouac…summer holidays are an opportunity to get back to basics, to reconnect with nature and its summits. However, the mountain climate can be harsh, humid and the temperatures cool, especially if you spend the night in the mountains. For those of you who are going to be running in the mountains, we recommend to choose the Reno headband made of Polartec membrane, comfortable, elastic and breathable. For hikers and bivouacers, opt instead for the Blanford beanie, 100% polar fleece made in Italy, cosy and warm for nights under the stars and the Going neckband treated with Teflon with water-repellent properties. With a drawstring, it will protect you from wind and humidity.

Travelling the roads of Scandinavia

Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden…these countries of the Far North offer us enchanting landscapes at a mild temperature that rarely exceeds 20 degrees. It is an ideal destination for all lovers of wide open spaces and lush nature. As far as temperature is concerned, the barometer is very variable from one day to the next, the climate changes rapidly; temperatures can easily drop below 10 degrees even in july. That’s why it’s better to anticipate and keep a hat in your pocket or backpack! We advise you to go with the Gstaad beanie or the Valerian headband, which is suitable for all situations. With its fleece lining, it will be your best ally against the wind.

Preparing your holiday and your equipment is often the key to a successful holiday. You will find in our collections, a wide choice of hats and also caps that will make you spend a great holiday. For those in a hurry, all our models are delivered between 48h and 72h. You are sure to leave well equipped!