Why we love so much wool…

Wool is a textile fiber used for thousands of years … Despite its antiquity, its amazing properties have still not been matched by synthetic fibers.

Appreciated for its authenticity, warmth and high resistance, sheep’s wool allows the body to maintain a constant temperature by isolating it from external climatic variations.

Wool and its manufacturing secrets:

At first, the wool is mowed and then sorted according to their quality and washed. It’s then necessary to unravel the wool, this process is called carding; the wool passes through a card (drums filled with very fine steel spikes rotating at high speed, divide and parallelize the wool fibers and retain the vegetable impurities that may have remained). Finally, we must transform the fibers into son; spinning. It can be treated and tinted to obtain its final color.

Sheep wool is often mixed with other synthetic or natural fibers to make it flexible or softer.

At Pipolaki, we chose Merino wool:

Merino is a breed of sheep mainly from Australia that offers a highly insulating wool, comfortable, resistant and temperature regulating. This sheep produces the finest wool in the world (20 microns: three times thinner than hair versus 30-50 microns for traditional wool).

The fineness of merino wool makes it more pleasant on the skin than classic wool. It has many advantages:


  • Dry quickly
  • Breathable
  • Anti-bacterial effect
  • Keep warm
  • Natural sun protection


And the virgin wool …

The designation “virgin wool” refers to a product to which only 7% or more of other fibers has been added. You can find the models above in the Premium collection: the women’s Andalo bobble hat and the poncho Folgaria and the men’s 100% Merino Wool hat.


Care tip:

You can wash your item by hand or machine at low temperatures (no more than 30 ° C), with the program “wool” or “delicate” with a soft detergent “special wool”. Wool absorbs a lot of moisture, drying is a delicate step not to neglect. Let it dry flat on a toweling towel.

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